Full Service Interior Design

Design Consultation

Our client engagement begins with the design consultation; a chance to discuss over the phone or in person your needs, preferences, vision, objectives and scope of the design engagement. Based on our discussion, we will look to provide advice and recommendations of next steps and how we achieve your specific vision or objectives. Here are some examples of how Morgan Metzger Interiors can help you:

  1. Site Visit: We will schedule a site visit to see the space that needs to be designed, take measurements and photos, and get a better understanding of the space and its potential.
  2. Discussion of Your Wants, Needs, Desires: We'll cover design goals, budget, timeline, and other requirements. We will also discuss preferred design style, color preferences, and other design-related preferences.
  3. Design Recommendations: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, Morgan Metzger Interiors may provide initial recommendations and ideas on how to approach the design project.
  4. Next Steps.

Design Services

Residential interior design services involve the planning, designing, and execution of interior spaces within a residential property. This can include designing the layout, selecting furniture and decor, choosing colors and materials, and coordinating with contractors and suppliers.

Here are some of the common residential interior design services offered by Morgan Metzger Interiors:

  1. Full Services Interior Design: "Turnkey" Remodeling, Contracting and Design Services all in one - this includes discussing the design plan, advising and scoping the remodel, bringing contractors to bid and execute scopes of work and full design services upon completion of the remodel or contracting scope.
  2. Client Advocacy Services: "Working on your behalf to ensure project and design success" , involves working closely with the clients contractor during the home building or home remodeling process, overseeing the execution of the design plan pre-construction, helping make design or layout decisions, coordinating with contractors and suppliers, and ensuring the client is getting what they want and how they want it upon project completion
  3. Space planning and design: This involves the assessment of a space and determining the best way to arrange furniture and decor to maximize functionality and flow.
  4. Furniture selection and curation: Choosing the right furniture pieces to fit the space and the client's style and preferences.
  5. Color and material selection: Selecting paint colors, wallpaper, fabrics, flooring, and other finishes that coordinate with the design scheme.
  6. Lighting design: Creating a lighting plan that enhances the mood and functionality of the space.
  7. Exterior design services: Paint colors, decor and lighting

At Morgan Metzger Interiors, our goal is to create a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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